What is VRI?

Purple’s Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the on-demand service that provides communication between deaf or hard-of-hearing persons and hearing persons that are in the same location, utilizing an interpreter by way of a computer with a webcam or a tablet using a high speed data connection.

VRI is the perfect solution for schools, business meetings, medical & hospital appointments and more.

Purple VRI App: Software download required using any standard Windows, Mac, Android or iOS operating systems including an app for tablets or smartphones for a much more mobile solution. Once the software or app has been downloaded/installed, login and connect to an interpreter in seconds.

CloudVRI: No need to install any software or hardware; just point your browser to the site, login and connect to an interpreter in seconds. No software management required as the website is always kept up-to-date and secure.

VRI How-to

Benefits of VRI:

  • Immediate access
  • Service on demand
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Affordable pricing

VRI Accessibility and Adaptability:

  • Designed for PC, Mac® and tablets
  • Easy to use—just one click to call
  • Uses Internet or 4G mobile service
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Technical support always available

Contact Purple VRI:

For more information about VRI or to set up your VRI account, contact us today:

Phone: 800-618-2418
E-mail: VRI@purple.us

Get Started with VRI

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - VRI

CloudVRI will give a similar video and audio quality to other apps so long as the system requirements are met.

VRI access is secured over the Internet when using the latest versions of all our endpoints. CloudVRI uses the same industry standard secure protocols - SIP over TLS Websocket, HTTPS and DTLS-SRTP as Purple’s P3 endpoint software.

If your firewall does not allow SRTP to pass, then the WebRTC will use TLS over port 443. This will not generally perform as well.

This is available for Purple only.

Same features as our VRI download except that CloudVRI is web based – no software to download - just direct your browser to the link, log in and connect.

Stand beside, or close to the video screen. Look and speak directly to the deaf individual.

Introduce who is in the room to the interpreter on the screen. Provide a brief overview of the topic that will be discussed.

VRI is ideal for a one-on-one conversation or with several people in the room. While Purple VRI is an excellent option for immediate, on-demand interpreting sessions, it is not a comprehensive replacement for on-site interpreting services. Purple VRI may not be the best solution in situations involving multiple participants without a firm speaking protocol, complex exchanges or sessions with individuals who have a secondary disability (i.​e.​ low vision) that may impede their ability to understand the remote video interpreter.

It's easy to get started. To create your Purple VRI account or for more information, call 800-618-2418 or email vri@​purple.​us.​