New Service - Scheduled Virtual Interpreting (SVI)

In today’s changing environment, Purple Communications remains dedicated to meeting your communication needs in new and innovative ways. Recently, we added a new service to ensure ongoing language access– Scheduled Virtual Interpreting (SVI). SVI is an alternative to in-person American Sign Language interpreting services. When you book an interpreter for SVI, all parties are connected remotely via your preferred video conferencing system, whether it be Google Meet, Go To Meeting, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom or any other virtual meeting platform.

From classroom settings to small work group sessions, medical appointments to job interviews, our SVI interpreters are available to join your remote sessions ensuring seamless communication for all participants.

  • SVI is conducted on your preferred video conferencing platform
  • All parties, including the interpreter, are in the same video conferencing meeting
  • SVI can be used for any size video conferencing event
  • Request preferred interpreters with specialized skill sets
  • SVI is prescheduled to ensure your remote meetings and classes are covered
  • SVI provides consistent and reliable access 24/7/365
SVI Highlight

We also provide Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) which is different than SVI in that VRI is an on-demand service where parties are in the same physical location often used for short or last-minute sessions. If you are interested in SVI or would like to learn more, please contact your local center. If you are ready to request an interpreter for SVI, click SCHEDULE NOW.

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